Appraisal of Works of Art: 

KGFA can assist you with the followings types of appraisals.

  • Insurance: To determine the replacement value of an object in order to provide appropriate insurance coverage.
  • Damage and Loss: To determine the value of a lost or damaged object and/or the amount of any loss in value as a result of the damage.
  • Donations: To determine the fair market value of an object given to an organization or institution in order to establish the donor's allowable income tax deduction.
  • Estates: To determine the fair market value of an object in connection with the preparation of estate tax returns, to assist in estate planning, and to aid in asset distribution.  KGFA was retained to advise the Salander O’Reilly Trust, one on the largest art bankruptcy estates in history, to distribute and maximize their assets.
  • Property Division: To determine the fair market value of an object to aid in the equitable distribution of jointly owned by couples, business associates, or corporations.
  • Financial: To determine the fair market value of an object for asset management, loan collateral and related financial and legal matters.

Locating Art Work for Purchase:

One does not have to spend exorbitant amounts of money to collect art that is not only beautiful but will also be sound investment.  From the novice to the passionate collector, KGFA can assist you in finding the perfect addition to your collection.

Assisting with Bidding at Auction:

KGFA offers expert assistance in selecting, evaluating and bidding on works at auction. We provide the necessary research and expertise to determine if the estimated value of the property is accurate within the context of the artist's oeuvre and current market standing.

How to Sell – Privately or at Auction:

KGFA provides expertise on how to best sell your property at auction.  This includes recommending the most suitable locations (large auction house vs. regional), appropriate timing (most interesting time for auction when bidding should be at its strongest), and negotiating terms.

We also advise on how to sell privately, which can have many advantages over selling through auction, depending on the type of work. 


KGFA works with the best and most respected restorers in New York and beyond.  We can assist you in determining whether or not your work is in need of conservation, how it can best be handled and what it will mean for its value.

Collection Management:

KGFA can assist you in handling long-term or short-term loans to museums or traveling exhibitions.


Framing has a strong influence on the impact of a painting.  We will assist you in finding the appropriate frame to best enhance the strengths of your painting.  As Degas said  –  “The Frame is the Reward of the Artist” – and should be well considered.


KGFA can assist you in researching your paintings and works of art to determine authenticity, auction history and provenance.  We use a wide network of international experts to assist in the authentication of works when deemed necessary.